What to expect when you see a Non-Diet Dietitian

  • Are you struggling or concerned with your weight?

  • Have you lost weight and regained it over and over?

  • Have you tried all of the diets and feel lost about what to do next?

  • Or are you simply confused about food?

Total Balance Health and Fitness can help you move away from dieting and towards nourishment, self care and a healthy relationship with food and your body.

We all know that diets don’t work and there is very strong research to support this. My personal and professional experience has shown that the pursuit of weight loss is damaging to physical and emotional health. Dieting reinforces negative eating behaviours like preoccupation with food, over and under eating and disconnect with our body.

We can help you gain control of your health with strategies that target positive change. Our focus is nourishment, not punishment. We will give you the skills to approach food differently. We focus on intuitive eating, and mindful eating to help you create positive and maintainable behaviour changes. No weighing or food policing necessary.

We will help you feel empowered to make positive health choices based on what is right for your body and help you gain a sense of freedom around food and your body.

What is the Non-Diet Approach?

The Non-Diet Approach focusses on health instead of weight. We focus healthy behaviours such as eating a wide variety of foods, eating satisfying foods, finding a pattern of eating that suits you and regaining control of your health. We can help you move away from feelings of guilt and anxiety around foods and find nourishing ways to fuel your body.

The Non-Diet Approach is not a quick fix approach that will see instant results. Instead it is a lifelong skill that requires nurturing and practice to help you regain control of your health. This may involve unlearning dieting beliefs or unhelpful behaviours that are unfortunately all too common.

If you don’t struggle with weight but feel confused about how you should be eating we can help with that too. There are so many messages about how we should be eating and this can be difficult to navigate. Our Non-Diet Dietitian can help you find the best way of eating for you while creating a healthy relationship with food and your body.

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