Time to get moving

We all know that exercise is good for us. But how do you know what exercise is best for you? I am a big believer that what works for one person may not work for another. Exercise is much more than burning calories or punishment for overeating on the weekend. This thinking sets us up to resent moving our body and give up all together. Moving your body has many physical benefits and the feel good factor you get afterwards is priceless.

Exercise doesn’t have to be high intensity or sweaty to reap the health benefits. This is great if it is the type of exercise that you enjoy. Not everyone will become an athlete, but we can all set goals to work towards and improve our health. If you are not already active in some way, now is the time to start.

At Total Balance Health and Fitness I offer a range of training options to meet your needs. One-on-one training or small group training options are available ,outdoors at a gym or in the comfort or your own home. I will work with you to find a training solution to suits your needs and motivate you to continue and reach your goals.

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