Winter Weight Gain

Winter is a time when many people tend to put on a few kilo’s that can be hidden by layers and jumpers. It is believed that winter foods are to blame for the added weight. This is a common myth that weight gain is inevitable, but with these simple tips you can keep the kilos at bay.

I know weather plays a huge role in my motivation to get out of bed in the morning, let alone exercise. As the temperature drops, so too does the amount of exercise or physical activity we do. This means that the body is burning less energy and generally we do not compensate for this with a reduction in the amount of food eaten. One way to keep you moving is get to find a buddy. Having someone you are accountable to is a great way to prevent hitting the snooze button.

Hearty meals such as stews, casseroles and soups are winter staples in my house and can provide a huge amount of nutrients. The problem with many winter warmers is they rely on fatty cuts of meat, lack vegetables and the portions are huge. Easy ways to make a healthier winter warmer is to have double the amount of veggies to meat, use leaner cuts of meat, trim visible fat and replace half the meat with legumes such as kidney beans or lentils (if you like them). This will increase the amount of fibre to keep you fuller for longer, therefore you can reduce the portion of the meal.

We generally spend more time inside during the colder months, it is important to watch out for the extra snacks that can sneak into your daily habits. This may not seem like much, but on a daily basis it can have a big impact.

Finally, winter is a time to embrace the foods that warm our souls. Winter is a great time to start listening to your body to understand what it is that you really feel like. For me, it is a soup or stew for lunch because a salad definitely isn't going to satisfy me. In fact it often leaves me looking for more in winter to warm me. Asking yourself what you really feel like is a great start to nourishing your body this winter. (For more about listening to your body check out an earlier blog post).

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