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I trust my body to tell me when, what or how much to eat. I am amazed at just how uncomfortable this makes many people. This got me thinking about why is it that this so difficult? Why is it that the idea of trusting your body so far from reality that it evokes such an emotional response? Then I realised that in general we are taught to ignore our body cues. Whether that be ignoring hunger pains or ignoring signs of fullness and eating until we become uncomfortable or even sick.

When you start to question where this has stemmed from, it can go back as fas as the way your family ate. “You can’t leave the table until you have finished your dinner” or “no dessert until there is nothing left on you plate” may have been common phrases growing up. So it is no wonder you can eat everything on your plate despite feeling so full. Another phrase I hear all the time is when children ask for food at times which may not reflect ‘normal’ eating times only to have the response “you can’t be hungry, you just ate”. Where did the belief come from that it is impossible to still be hungry after eating? Isn’t this a sign that our bodies are telling us that we need more fuel in the tank?

What we don’t realise is how damaging these thoughts can be to our relationship with food. To exacerbate the problem, throw in a diet. Full of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, strict amounts of foods and the idea that your body is incapable of guiding you in the right direction. No wonder we get confused. Learning to truly admire the power that your body has in providing these cues can be really powerful. It may not happen overnight to be able to be guided by these cues but I invite you to become more aware. Invite a sense of curiosity into the messages that your body is sending you without judgment. It may take a while but one day you may be comfortable with the statement “I trust my body”.

If you struggle with your relationship with food I encourage you to give me a call and see how a Non-Diet Approach can help you break free from the constraints and rules of dieting.

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