What's so good about breakfast?

We have all heard that 'breakfast is the best meal of the day' but what is so good about it? If the thought of breakfast is daunting, I have included some simple tips to kickstart your day.

Eating breakfast associated with healthier weight

People who eat breakfast regularly are likely to have a lower body weight. This is because during the day you tend to make better food choices. This healthy habit controls hunger levels so you are less likely to be starving at your next meal. (You may have noticed that when you are starving you eat quicker and more food!)

Refuels your energy stores

A healthy breakfast is a great way to increase your metabolism and set yourself up for a great day. Your body has fuel stores in the liver and muscles to use overnight. When you are asleep, your metabolism slows down. So, having breakfast wakes up your metabolism and starts replenishing these fuel sources early. This means that you won't be running on empty until later in the day.

Improves alertness

Your brain is a powerhouse and needs feeding too! I become very 'scattered' when I skip breakfast (yes it happens sometimes!). This is because my brain is starving for energy that it can use to function. Before breakfast, this energy comes from the energy stores in your liver. But we don't have a never ending store of these. By providing your body (and brain) with the energy that it needs you will be more alert and ready for the day ahead.

Get all your nutrients

Skipping meals is a sure fire way to miss out on nutrients. Even though people tend to eat more through the day if they skip breakfast, there is a big chance that they are not choosing nutrient rich foods. This doesn't mean that you can only have cereal or toast (especially if you don't like them). Choose a nutritious breakfast with high fibre and protein foods. This sets you up to make great choices for the rest of the day.

Where to start?

  • Choose foods that you know will fit into your morning routine

  • If you're stretched for time in the morning, prepare something the night before

  • If you eat breakfast at work, store foods like low fat yoghurt and muesli there. That way the temptation to get a ham and cheese croissant won't be there where you buy your morning coffee.

Simple breakfast options

  1. Muesli, low fat yoghurt and sliced fruit

  2. Overnight oats

  3. Porridge (quick oats are a great option if you are really short on time!)

  4. Baked beans on toast

  5. English muffin with cottage cheese and tomato

  6. Smoothies made with low fat milk, fruit and yoghurt

  7. Boiled eggs with crackers and tomato

  8. If you are looking for something a little more special, check out my wholemeal banana pancake recipe

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