Delicious Dips

Have you ever noticed just how much dip and crackers you have if you eat it straight out of the tub? Store bought dips can be a convenient snack, addition to a cheese platter or a quick option for when a friend drops by. Unfortunately, many of the commercial dips are full of fat, sugar or salt. What if I told you that I have a fool proof, low energy dip recipe that only takes ONE MINUTE to prepare.

So what is the secret? Greek yoghurt with any condiment that you have in the fridge! Easy...

Can use anything from relish to salsa or herbs and spices. The dip pictured has smoky salsa with a sprinkle of mint for freshness. I use about a teaspoon of sauce (whatever that may be) with half a cup of low fat greek yoghurt. Served with veggie sticks or wholegrain crackers this is a delicious and nutritious snack packed full of calcium and protein.

Let me know what delicious dips you have created at or on instagram using #totalbalancehf

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