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Total Balance Health and Fitness was first established in 2015 providing dietetic, nutritional support and personal training services to a number of locations. In 2018, Total Balance moved into its own Movement Studio to provide a space for joyful movement, brave conversations and a welcoming environment. 


Since opening the studio we have expanded the team to include a fitness instructor and personal trainer. 


Total Balance Health and Fitness are committed to providing high-quality dietetic support, group fitness classes and individualised personal training. We strive to help you meet your health and fitness goals in a non-judgmental and compassionate way.  


Dietetics & Nutrition Advice

Optimise your health and wellbeing through nutrition support. We can support your management of chronic disease, relationship with food or allergies

Personal Training

Discover the joy of movement with personalised support to meet your fitness goals while appreciating the amazing ability of your body. Our compassionate approach to fitness will empower you and reconnect your love of movement.

Group Fitness

We offer a range of different group fitness classes for all fitness levels in a fun and supportive environment.


See our Movement Studio page for the current class timetable. 

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